“Un” what ya know.

Mark Ecko recently wrote a book entitled ‘Unlabel’. The book centers around his formula for success. Now I’m not a huge fan of his clothing, but I do appreciate some of the points made in his book. Ecko, tares down most of our ideas about what makes an artist, a creative, a whatever you do, by flipping that idea based on his perceptions from his experience.

One point in particular was his philosophy about the “Gatekeeper”. He basically rids the idea that you have to be accepted by the cool kids or in crowd to do what you love. Although this idea is not new, he furthers the idea based on his experience.The gatekeepers don’t pay your bills, they don’t come out of pocket to buy your art. The real gatekeepers are the consumers and their pockets.

If you are a creative type, artist, musician, swordsmith, baker, whatever… this book is a real eye opener. Inspiration, if nothing else.