Jogging around Lake Merritt (Oakland, CA) today, I pondered on what is meant by “opportunity”. To some its an open door to where ever. To others, its whatever, wherever.

Then I thought about what the difference is between the two. Is an open door just a nicer way of referring to an “opportunist? Perhaps the answer is in the end result and how the opportunity presented itself.

One can create, manipulate, or strive to make the “right” opportunity happen. With hard work, a little luck, and persistence, more of the right opportunities begin to make themselves available where the end result is guided and calculated.

In contrast to that, an opportunist takes advantage of whatever opportunity is available at the time, regardless if it was self generated or presented by nature, cause, or otherwise. Harvesting an end result of little to no value.

As I move forward in my career I put my choices under the microscope and analyze them. Merely seeking answers and peace within. I’m truly grateful for the opportunities that I have created for myself in that the end result is more targeted towards something I aimed for rather than a blind shot at something hoping for the end result that I desire.

In the end, its always a matter of perception. Your perception is shaped by you, your experiences, and your desires.