Back To Basics


Sooooo… here we are. Modern era, 2015, new millennia, whatever you wanna call it. Rap has taken many turns. Some good and others not so good. In this era of Hip Hop we see lots of anomalies. The “white thug” rapper (which could be an in depth anthropological case study). The sluggish and slurred incoherent words over atmospheric experimental beats. The over abundance of bedroom producers and rappers. Heavy mimicry. Outright lying, Twitter beefs etc, etc… I guess the list could go on and on and on…

But that’s not the focus of my post. I’m not here to put people on blast or stir up beef. What I want to do is point out something positive that could help salvage what’s left of Hip Hop culture. It’s no secret, Hip Hop is deteriorating. It’s not dead. Hip Hop is a way of life. It’s in you or it’s not. Everything from your walk, your talk, it’s your “way”, to put it vaguely. Truly, there’s an essence of Daoism in the way Hip Hop resonates in someone’s core.

As for it deteriorating, its like Hip Hop has cancer and it will die if not treated. Good news! The cure already exists. KRS-One left us the blueprint.

Zulu Nation left us the guide on how to treat each other better. Public Enemy and Dead Prez left us the soundtrack on how to fight it. Rakim, Kool G Rap, Nas, Common, Biggie, and many other notable writers basically left us the ten commandments.

Of course there are people who follow and adhere to the callings of the forefathers. But not enough. NOT ENOUGH. The size of the righteous army of doers is merely keeping Hip Hop on a breathing tube.

Consider this, the plague or the matrix has a lot of people fooled into seeing with the same set of eyes. Thinking what’s really good is actually killing themselves (listen to Dead Prez opening track on Let’s Get Free). This poison perpetuates this alternate definition of “dope”. It’s like “dope” wasn’t good enough. Those controlling forces had to lace the dope with some synthetic shit, consequently getting more and more people hooked. DON’T GET HIGH ON YOUR OWN SUPPLY!

I’m no preacher man. I’m no prophet. I’m an everyday observer and living breathing testament to that deep resonating qi inside called Hip Hop that is suffering from what’s going on in the culture. It’s been really hard to sit back and witness the crumbling of a great empire that once stood up for itself. That once didn’t allow for puppets. That once wasn’t diluted by wannabes. That once scoffed at mimics and bootleggers. That once beat up punks. That once spread love. That once wasn’t so filled with hate (which makes for another interesting post).

IMG_0593 - Version 2

We have the tools to rebuild. To make better what was once great. With so many entrepreneurs, with so many knowledgeable people, with so many unique and valuable talents, there’s no justifiable reason that Hip Hop culture should die slow. It has to be organic and unselfish. Individual gain has to be ignored and contributions have to target the greater good. Even the current keyholders have a percentage of those that still seek personal gain. DON’T BE A STAT, MAKE A STATEMENT.

This isn’t a mic drop moment. I’m actually writing this in pure terror of how close Hip Hop is close to dissolving. Thank you for your time.

Dig Deeper,