Hip Hop Producers Make the Best Recruiters

The Golden Era of Hip Hop, (roughly 1988 – 1996, +/- 2 years), for argument’s sake lets just agree that, during that era some of the best production was born. Some would argue that this era was pure and full of heart for the music. Times have changed and what you hear now is far removed from that concept…

But let’s explore the production. Producer’s such as Pete Rock, Dr. Dre, DJ Premiere, Organized Noize, Havoc, Alchemist, RZA, DJ Muggs, DJ Evil Dee, Kanye West, Large Professor, and so many others that could take up an entire separate blog post, were producing some of the most memorable tracks that to this day, still demand respect and knock harder than a lot of production that followed.


All of these producers utilized a technique known as “diggin’ in the crates”. What this means is, they would physically go hunt down locations where they could find the best records to sample. This was literally a treasure hunt as they would find some forgotten gems amongst the piles and piles of unorganized dusty records.

They didn’t stop there. From mom and pop record stores, thrift stores, garage sales, family collections, to record pools and flea markets, producers were finding stuff that would eventually revolutionize how beats were made, even more so how the music industry would try and regulate production. Were talking about a paradigm shift.

Let me just put this out there, recruiters on your HR teams are lazy! If not all, definitely the mass majority of recruiters are. Obviously they are seeing unprecedented volumes of resumes unlike any time before. I understand that. And now there’s software out there that sifts thru all of them with the use of keywords and various other filters. They also have ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, Indeed and many other job posting and resume outlets to help with their search.

I was recently scrolling through my LinkedIn feed and was inspired to write this blog after reading a post by a Senior Recruiter at a Software company. It read and I paraphrase, “Please don’t use the term Jack-of-All-Trades or Swiss Army Knife on your resume”.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t a recruiters job, essentially, to search beyond the surface for people that fit the bill for a role they’re seeking to fill? After reading this post, I felt that this recruiter was taking the easy way out, dismissing resumes based on surface information. Granted they probably “read” or scan hundreds of resumes a day, but thats what it takes to find that “One” thats going to make your company greater. For that reward it requires an even tougher, grittier, and sleep deprived search.

If I were an HR Director, my Senior Recruiter would be a Hip Hop Producer. Producers will find a diamond in the rough, will dig deeper than the next person, look beyond the cover to find exactly what they’re looking for in the most untraditional locations. Then turn around and create the best product and feel proud of it after all said and done.

I truly feel like today’s recruiters just settle for what’s presented to them at the base of their desk or whatever reaches their email inbox. Regardless of how specific the filters are or as cliche the resumes are, if you want oil you need to dig for it.


We would not have the Hip Hop Classics we have today if those producers were lazy and only looked for records that were in their neighborhoods. Sampling records wouldn’t have changed the rules in the music industry if those producers were lazy. Recruiters need to start “diggin’ in the crates”. #DITC

Dig Deeper.