Best Golden Era Hip Hop Albums to Listen to While High

If you were lucky enough to be around during 1988 to 1996, give or take a year or two forward or backward, you would have been witness to what most Hip Hop heads consider to be the Golden Era of Hip Hop music. This era was extremely competitive, which brought forth some really creative … Continue reading Best Golden Era Hip Hop Albums to Listen to While High


Hip Hop Producers Make the Best Recruiters

The Golden Era of Hip Hop, (roughly 1988 - 1996, +/- 2 years), for argument's sake lets just agree that, during that era some of the best production was born. Some would argue that this era was pure and full of heart for the music. Times have changed and what you hear now is far … Continue reading Hip Hop Producers Make the Best Recruiters

Nihonto – Part 2

It was a shivery mid-winter night and the last bit of that Imperial Sun surrendered to the horizon. The river I was wading in dropped in temperature... so did the village. Yokota was better known for producing some of Japan's most methodical swordsmiths. My creator happened to be of scrupulous alignment, however his methodology for bringing me into … Continue reading Nihonto – Part 2

Nihonto – Part 1

  It was at that moment, my Master summoned me from sleep. Raw butchery ensued and then there was silence as my Master held me in his right hand while I dripped of repulsion... My Master, a man of sound mind and practitioner of Confucian philosophy, never called upon me unless it was to right … Continue reading Nihonto – Part 1

48 Laws – The New A&R

So back in the day sometime before MP3s, there existed a person or group of people called Artist & Repertoire (A&R). Their sole purpose was to seek out new musical talent and develop that talent for a record label. In addition, their responsibilities covered a wide range of duties such as, creating a recording schedule, … Continue reading 48 Laws – The New A&R

3 Reasons Why MC’s Should Be Writing Your Content

First of all, R.I.P. Phife Dawg of the Legendary Zulu Nation Group, A Tribe Called Quest. This post is dedicated to you. Your clever rhyme style & delivery, sports references, and Trinidadian flavor will never be forgotten. We, in the Culture salute you! For those not familiar with his work, I suggest you purchase any … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why MC’s Should Be Writing Your Content

10 Reasons Why Martial Artists Make Great Employees

So you're a recruiter or talent scout rummaging through talent pool after talent pool, endlessly posting openings on every "this, that, and the other" job board under the sun and keep coming up short. You've exhausted the recent grad pool to find that along with zero professional experience they're in the negative for life experience … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why Martial Artists Make Great Employees

How To Make Beats: A Spiritual Approach

Whatever you call yourself these days, a producer, beatmaker, hobbyist, creative, instrumentalist, sound engineer, sound designer, or just simply a dude that just likes making music... there's this underlying internal spiritual calling that is shared among the aforementioned. It's not just a heightened sense of rhythm or emotion. It's deeper than that... Technology has made … Continue reading How To Make Beats: A Spiritual Approach

Back To Basics

Sooooo... here we are. Modern era, 2015, new millennia, whatever you wanna call it. Rap has taken many turns. Some good and others not so good. In this era of Hip Hop we see lots of anomalies. The "white thug" rapper (which could be an in depth anthropological case study). The sluggish and slurred incoherent … Continue reading Back To Basics

Is it really Progress? …You Douche!

douchebag ‎(plural douchebags) A sterile container which holds the fluid used for giving a vaginal douche. (US, slang, vulgar) A jerk or asshole; a mean or rude person; someone seen as being arrogant, snobby or obnoxious. There is an overall acceptance in our society that "progress" correlates with improvement. Was the civil rights movement an … Continue reading Is it really Progress? …You Douche!