Is a multinym of Sojourn, Sojourner, Soul, Soldier, Journey, Journalist. All words that represent my artisanship as a whole.

Documented on this site are my creative works…

    My name is Matt Reyes, I am a professional creative digital producer. Specializing in Audio and Video production. My life and career experiences have exposed me to some of the most diverse people, places, and adventures. All of which I am truly grateful for.

But my story doesn’t begin there…

get_up_there    For as long as I could I remember, I always wanted to be a Ninja! Yes a Ninja! From Japan, throwing stars, and quietly moving about. Something about moving in silence, getting the job done, while making an impact, all reverberate deeply in my soul.

    My hands have always been into tinkering with stuff, drawing, painting, building with Legos, and even creating gadgets from stuff laying around the garage. This has led to my interest in crafting things like tobacco pipes, stone sculptures, and bicycle building & repair.

    In the U.S. Air Force, my mechanical aptitude led me to my first real job as a munitions maintenance specialist. Basically, load, repair, and maintain aircraft munitions. It was my time in the military that eventually exposed me to graphic design, in turn sparking an interest in creating with computers.


    I’ve had very few expensive things or toys growing up. My mother was single and on welfare at one point. I remember standing in line for food stamps. So when I was introduced to computers, VHS Camcorders, and various other electronic devices, I would use them to create and explore things and places that I could only dream about. If something broke, I would take them apart and try to fix them because we didn’t have the money to buy another.

    Fast forward to today, reflecting back on struggling through life with little opportunity, my passion for creating through mediums of audio and video have led me to meet and work with some really talented people, places, and companies. All of which have provided wealth in the form of life experiences that were long thought to be impossible to attain.

    Creativity is my Zen place. I yearn to build, explore, and adventure. Whether it be practicing kung fu with monks, cycling in heavy city traffic, fly fishing on a peaceful lake, or spending time with my family, I find that motion creates motion in all things.



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