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Documented on this site are my creative works & blog…

Truth be told, I’m not a journalist by trade. Through assumption souljournalist could mean a journalist of the soul. By that definition, I am a journalist.

To dig deeper into that definition, I adhere to an ancient Daoist Chinese philosophy left behind in the I-Ching (Book of Changes). You know those cryptic set of lines that when put together have tremendous meaning and an enlightening perspective?

Well there’s a set of of lines, a hexagram that combines the symbols for wind over water, ultimately equating to “inner truth” or truth within. *Hexagram number 61.

I have been on this path my entire life in all things I do, create, say, and pursue. Finding the truth within, at times seeking it in myself and other times seeking it from outside of myself.

At the end of the day, that’s what souljournalist means to me. And I utilize this simple combination of words and symbols to guide me on the path to enlightenment inside and out.